Special conditions


All fares are shown inclusive of taxes, except some local airport taxes.  Some special discounts are available: - For Infants: under the age of two - Children: under the age of 12.  We remind you that, in accordance with the provisions of the Directive 2011/83/ of the council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, the customer's right of withdrawal does not apply to tickets purchased on our website.  Please note that if your ticket is not valid anymore and has not been used for transportation, you have a right to reimbursement of taxes as defined in our General Conditions of Carriage depending on your actual boarding. This refund will be made no later than thirty days from the date of receipt of the request.  To obtain a refund of these amounts, you can send your refund request online (online refunds are free) in the section My bookings You can also contact your usual Air France office. If you wish to request a refund for a ticket purchased at a travel agency, please contact your travel agency first. They have all the information necessary to process your refund. In case of any difficulties, our customer service remains at your disposal. You can reach them from the Contact Us page.


You can book flights for a total of nine passengers, adults and children, per reservation. Each adult may be accompanied by an infant traveling on his or her knees. Your reservation is confirmed when you receive a reservation reference number. A confirmation e-mail containing all of the details of your reservation will also be sent to you.


If you are traveling from Paris to mainland China, you must perform a Covid-19 PCR test and a serological test (IgM) in Paris. This rule also applies if you are in transit in Paris. If the results of these tests (PCR, IgM or both) are positive, you will not be able to continue your trip to China. In this case, your flight ticket for the trip between Paris and China will no longer be valid. You will have to contact our customer service to modify your ticket and, if necessary, return to your country of departure as soon as your situation allows it.


If you have submitted a claim to our customer service department but are unsatisfied with the response, you have the possibility to contact the Arbitration Board for Public Passenger Transport (SÖP):  Access the SÖP Platform For any online purchase of services, you can submit a request to the ombudsman via the European Dispute Platform on the online platform for online consumer dispute resolution. Access the European Platform


For Air France tickets bought by travelers having their habitual residency in Germany and travelling from or to Germany, the following article applies:   (a) The Fare including Tax established on the basis of the details, flight dates and routes mentioned on the Ticket corresponds to a departure and an arrival point, via any Stopover scheduled when the Ticket was purchased, and forms an integral part of the Contract of Carriage. The Fare applied on the Ticket issue date is only valid for a Ticket used fully and in the sequential order of Flight Coupons, for the specified journey and on the specified dates.  (b) Except in case of Force Majeure, any non-compliant use by the Passenger (for example, if the Passenger does not use the first Coupon or if the Coupons are not used in the order in which they were issued) will result in the recalculation of the Fare including Tax according to the altered routing. The Fare including Tax will be recalculated and the Passenger may, as a consequence of the recalculation, be required to pay an additional Fare equating to the difference between the Fare Including Tax initially paid and the Fare Including Tax that the Passenger should have paid when the Ticket was issued for the journey actually made by the Passenger. In addition, in the event of a change as described above, a new Ticket will be issued and an issuance fee in the amount of 15€ will be applied.  Please note that Air France can make carriage dependent on whether the Fare including Tax of the new Ticket has been paid. (c) Article (b) shall not apply if the Passenger has used another Ticket on the same route within 24 hours following the departure of the flight corresponding to the unused Coupon.


The Passenger is informed that in the event of a breach of Article 15 (Conduct aboard aircraft) of General Conditions of Carriage and in accordance with the provisions of their Article 9 (Refusal and limitation of carriage), he may be registered on a list of persons subject to a travel banning aboard the Air Carrier's aircraft under the Authorization n°2016-240 by the CNIL (French data protection authority).

General conditions of carriage