Special conditions

Please make sure to always read the General Conditions of Carriage and the Special Conditions applicable to the country or region where you booked your ticket. When you book a flight with Air France, you accept our General Conditions of Carriage for you and your baggage. The Special Conditions are part of the General Conditions of Carriage. Please be sure to read these Special Conditions as well. The Special Conditions contain the applicable rules that arise from local laws and regulations and that apply specifically in a country or region. The Special Conditions may therefore differ from country to country. Read the complete General Conditions of Carriage.

Booking via the website

You can book up to 9 passengers per booking, including adults and children. Each adult can be accompanied by an infant on their lap. The booking is confirmed as soon as you receive your booking reference. A confirmation email containing all the details of your booking will also be sent to the email address you provided. Please note that, according to European Union regulations, you do not have rights of withdrawal if your tickets were purchased on the internet.


Rates quoted include all taxes, with the exception of certain airport taxes that may be levied locally. Rates are guaranteed as soon as you obtain your booking reference.

Ticket refund

If you wish to request a refund for a ticket purchased at a travel agency, please contact them first. Your agency has all the information necessary to process your refund. In case of any difficulty, our customer service is at your disposal. You can reach them from the Contact Us page.

Online payment

To pay online, you must use your credit or debit card. Air France will then charge your card in real-time. Depending on the country, you can use other payment methods, such as bank transfer, Apple Pay, or local payment methods. Payment is fully secure thanks to the highest standard of data encryption.

Ticket use

For Air France tickets bought by German residents travelling from or to Germany, the following article replaces the same article from our General Conditions of Carriage:

Article 3.4 Flight Coupon Order of Use

(a) The Fare including Tax established on the basis of the details, flight dates and routes mentioned on the Ticket corresponds to a departure and an arrival point, via any Stopover scheduled when the Ticket was purchased, and forms an integral part of the Contract of Carriage. The Fare applied on the Ticket issue date is only valid for a Ticket used fully and in the sequential order of Flight Coupons, for the specified journey and on the specified dates. (b) Except in case of Force Majeure, any non-compliant use by the Passenger (for example, if the Passenger does not use the first Coupon or if the Coupons are not used in the order in which they were issued) will result in the recalculation of the Fare including Tax according to the altered routing. The Fare including Tax will be recalculated and the Passenger may, as a consequence of the recalculation, be required to pay an additional Fare equating to the difference between the Fare Including Tax initially paid and the Fare Including Tax that the Passenger should have paid when the Ticket was issued for the journey actually made by the Passenger. In addition, in the event of a change as described above, a new Ticket will be issued and an a service fee in the amount of 15€ will be applied. Please note that Air France can make carriage dependent on whether the Fare including Tax of the new Ticket has been paid. (c) Article (b) shall not apply if the Passenger has purchased and used another Ticket on the same route within 24 hours following the departure of the flight corresponding to the unused Coupon.

Behavior on bord

Passengers are informed that in the event of a breach of Article 15 (Behavior on board) of the General Conditions of Carriage and in accordance with the provisions of their Article 9 (Refusal and limitations to the carriage), they may be included on the list of persons prohibited from boarding the carrier's aircraft pursuant to the CNIL deliberation n°2016-240.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you have submitted a claim to our customer service department but are unsatisfied with the response, you have the possibility to contact the Arbitration Board for Public Passenger Transport (SÖP): 

Access the SÖP Platform For any online purchase of services, you can submit a request to the ombudsman via the European Dispute Platform on the online platform for online consumer dispute resolution.

Access the European Platform